Motivation Exercise

Motivation exercise

Work through the factors below, and rate each one in terms of how important they are to you. We would recommend you use a scale of 1 – 4 (1 being low, 4 being high). It is important to also spend time considering your current satisfaction level for each factor. Use the same scale to record your thoughts, and note down any comments related to the rating you have given the factor for current satisfaction. It is important to record at this stage any thoughts on how you could increase the current satisfaction level if you have recorded a low score here, and it has a high score for importance.




Current Satisfaction

(1-4) and comments

1.    Manager showing concern for me as a person

2.    Having some authority

3.    Good personal relationships with manager

4.    Managers decisiveness

5.    Examples provided by manager

6.    Being involved in planning my own work

7.    Recognition of my efforts

8.    Delegation of work to me

9.    Being promoted

10.Customer/client contact


12.Extent to which I get on with my peers


14.Attaining my own goals and meeting targets

15.Satisfaction with the job

16.Working conditions

17.Having responsibility for discrete areas of work

18.Working under pressure

19.A competitive environment

20.My prospects for career development

21.Constructive feedback and coaching

22.Job security

23.The results of the completed work

24.Carrying out complex analysis

25.The organisation’s structure and processes

26.My personal job title

27.Extent to which I am supervised

28.Social functions

29.Detailed guidance on how to complete work tasks

30.Working in a team

31.Being given clear objectives

32.Attending high level meetings

33.Flexible working hours





Absolutely brilliant insight into using NLP techniques in the workplace. Joanne was a joy and a fantastic trainer.
Delegate from a Using NLP Techniques to Manage your People Workshop