Change Management Support

Change is a constant!  Whether it’s the restructure of a team, the implementation of a new process or system or even the launch of a new product; planning and delivering the change management to support its successful implementation is critical. Engaging and inspiring the people to work and think in different ways is all part of the change in process and systems and as important a change in culture.

We know it’s sometimes helpful to bring in a specialist who can bring an external perspective and expertise in an area and the Infinite You team have worked with many organisations in just such a manner. Whether you are looking for a ‘one-off’ piece of consultancy or a more formalised interim management arrangement - we can help you.

From our personal experience, we believe there are five key elements to ensuring any change is successful and sustainable. All our support is built around these areas, and we are able to provide expertise and guidance across all elements.



"Joanne is an excellent facilitator. She is very warm and having worked within NHS trusts before she is very aware of the specific challenges that staff in the NHS face. The pace of the day was excellent and if we started to talk about a topic that fit with something later on in the day Joanne seamlessly linked to this. She makes everyone feel able to speak honestly regarding any concerns they were having within their own teams"
Clinical Specialist, NHS Trust